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The Winter Freeze

Just to give everyone a heads up, I probably won't be around much the next few weeks. I'm feeling less and less inclined to write (call it the winter blues or whatever), and I really just don't have much to say right now.

My life goes through phases, and right now I'm in a phase where all I really seem to want to do is read and hang out with my friends and family. Perhaps the holidays have me waxing nostalgic. Who knows? Needless to say, I won't be posting much fanfic. I have a few chapters of my stories in "reserve" that I'll post sporadically, but ...

This will probably all change when my favorite shows come back from their winter hiatuses, but for now? My apologies for being somewhat MIA.

So I have a question ... how would you guys feel about my making a separate journal just for my writing? It seems like most of the friend requests I've gotten are solely for my fics (which is cool, and appreciated), but perhaps you don't want my mindless meme and ranting posts popping up on your friend pages. LOL

I'm open to suggestions.

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