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Lisa de Moraes

Inspired by xtremeroswellia's post to Ms. de Moraes, I penned my own letter to her. 

Dear Ms. de Moraes,

I find it deplorable that you would seek to belittle dedication in such a public forum. The Washington Post has once again served its purpose as your pathetic little soapbox to the world, letting you air your vindictive grievances over a fanbase that has shown more ingenuity, class, and hardwork than you could ever attempt to achieve.

I find your article inexcusably demeaning to myself and my friends. The title alone oozes contempt for our fanbase. Just because you have a column in a newspaper that I will never again bother to purchase, doesn't give you the right to say such negative, criticizing things to me.

I take personal offense to your article, "Ratings were Peanuts, Too." It was uncalled for and unnecessarily rude. God forbid that people should fight for a show they are passionate about. 

Perhaps I'll consider buying the Post again when you are no longer posting your trash in it. Be so kind as to let me know when that is, please.



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