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TNT Rock My Socks

I'm thinking Wednesday night is quickly going to become my favorite night of TV this summer. Leverage is back! YAYE! *snoopy dances* And if the first two episodes of the season are any indication, this season's gonna be even better than S1!

I could not get enougn of the Parker/Hardison fight scene, or the fact that Eliot has been teaching Parker to fight. This is my only complaint of the episode: Why couldn't we see Eliot teaching her how to throw down? It would make my shipper heart happy, I tell you! But regardless, seeing Hardison's flailing limbs as Parker put him in her Jujitsu triangle headlock, was absolutely hysterical. Probably one of the funniest moments I've seen on that show - and that's saying something.

The episode was phenominal all the way around. I even liked Sophie, who can sometimes annoy me. But I liked how Eliot and Sophie were able to bond and find mutual ground.

Christian Kane can seriously do no wrong, especially since I found out he does most of his own stuns and fighting scenes. It clearly shows the boy works out. He did such a great job in the episode. He can slide easily into the different roles Eliot plays: fighter, friend, hero, etc. Christian is the highlight of Leverage, for me.

And then there's Dark Blue, which I find myself completely obsessed with. First of all the casting is superb: Dylan, Omari, Nicki, and Logan have fantabulous chemistry, and I love the darker cop shows. This show reminds me a lot of Fastlane, but without the humor. And I'm sensing a serious vibe between Dean (Logan) and Jaimie (Nicki). I don't careif they get together romantically or if their relationship evolves into some big brother/little sister thing: I just love seeing their scenes.
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