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Broken & Beautiful ~ Part I

Title: Broken & Beautiful
Author: IsisIzabel
Fandom: Jericho
Pairing(s): Jake/Heather
Rating: PG-13 (for references to violence and slight language)
Summary: Take place during episode 2x01 (Reconstruction), at the end of Jake and Heather finding each other again. Inspired by the song Broken & Beautiful by Suzie McNeil.





Heather turned her head, her eyes unfocused.


Jake’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You all right?” His hand touched her elbow lightly.


“I’m fine,” she answered after a stilted pause. She chuckled softly and repeated, “I’m fine.” She blinked away the memory that had slammed into her like a train and focused on Jake’s face. God, she’d missed him.


Jake’s hand lifted again to touch her cheek and he smiled, looking at complete ease.


It took all her willpower not to lean into his touch. Instead, Heather smiled up at him and waited for him to make the next move.


Jake’s hand dropped away and he tilted his head. “Want to go for a walk?”


She shrugged, still smiling and followed him outside, but not without a backwards glance at the man in custody.


The sun was still high in the Midwestern sky as she and Jake stepped outside of the Town Hall. She followed him down the steps, neither saying a word as they fell into step.


Heather noted the Jennings & Rall building on the far corner of the street. “How long have they been here?”


“Since the war with New Bern ended,” Jake replied, his tone laced with bitterness. He cast a disparaging glare at the line of people waiting to talk to a representative.


Heather winced and touched Jake’s arm, stopping him in the middle of the street. She self-consciously tucked a lock of brunette hair behind one ear. “Jake, I heard about your dad. I’m so sorry.”


Jake shifted his gaze somewhere over her left should and gave a quick nod, a muscle in his jaw straining as his teeth clenched. “It never should have happened.”


She blinked and looked down at the street. “I know. And I’m so sorry that—”


He suddenly gripped her shoulders with both hands, startling her into looking up. His eyes were serious, his expression grim. “You did everything you could. Eric … Eric told me about what happened.”


Her hands came up to grip his biceps as she struggled against the swell of panic in her chest. “Jake—”


“Oh, God.”


Heather and Jake both turned their heads at the sudden appearance of someone beside them. Heather stepped back out of Jake’s hold and looked at Eric.


Looking like he’d seen a ghost, Eric stepped towards her slowly. His eyes swept her. “Are you—how can you be here?”


Heather closed the distance between them and surprised both Green brothers by throwing her arms around Eric, who wasted no time returning her hold.


Jake folded his arms over his chest, watching with obvious interested, as his brother’s forehead dropped to Heather’s shoulder.


“I thought you were dead,” Eric muttered softly.


Heather nodded, stepping back. She tried to force a bright smile and a laugh. “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” She winked at him, trying to vain to be playful.


Eric’s expression was grave. “I saw—” He broke off, shaking his head.


Heather’s expression grew somber. “Eric—”


He looked up, tears bright in his eyes. “I saw your jacket. Constantino…gave it to me. It was all bloody and—”


Her eyes slid shut in agony, thinking how she would have felt had the situation been reversed. “It was all a set-up, Eric. The deputy who came and took me—we grew up two streets down from each other. He told me to give him my jacket, to help make Constantino believe I was dead. Then he told me to run.”


Eric rubbed his eyes. “I should have protected you.”


“Eric, you were locked in a cell on the other side of the room. You did everything you could,” Heather assured him quietly, aware that Jake was slowly inching over to them. Heather waved her arm at Main Street. “Obviously you did what we were trying to do—you stayed alive and warned everyone here about New Bern. Otherwise this place wouldn’t be standing.”


Eric nodded slowly, rubbing his eyes once more with the heel of his hand. “I need to go—Mary’s expecting me.” He touched her shoulder, and then pulled her into another hug. “I’m really glad you’re OK.”


Heather nodded against his shoulder and watched as he pulled away. “I’ll see you later.”


Eric ducked his head, briefly meeting Jake’s gaze, before heading off towards Bailey’s.


“So that’s how you managed to get away.”


Heather turned back to Jake and shrugged. “I got lucky. Constantino didn’t know that Joey—the deputy had ordered to kill me—knew me from when we were kids. Not all of the people who crossed Constantino got so lucky.”


Jake’s eyes narrowed. “You knew that guy in custody.”


She nodded, starting to walk again with him beside her. “He was a deputy, and a nasty one at that. He had no problem following Constantino’s orders.”


Jake licked his lips thoughtfully. “What happened to you? After you and Eric were caught?”


Heather drew in a deep breath before casting him a sideways glance. “How much did Eric tell you?”


“That you and him were caught trying to break the machine that made the mortars. Then they threw both of you in jail. And that you’d been…” He hesitated. “That you were—”


“Dead?” she offered.


Jake met her gaze. “Yeah.”


“It’s a long story,” she sighed softly, looking away.


He reached for her, his hand closing around her wrist. His thumb rubbed a light circle into the delicate flesh on the inside of her wrist. “I’ve got time.”


Heather stopped and looked up at him. She bit her lower lip, considering. There was a sudden darkness in her eyes he’d never seen before. “OK.”


Jake took her gently by the elbow and led her to a wooden bench shaded under an old oak tree near the church. He waited for her to sit before speaking. “So what happened?”


Tags: fic: heather/eric, fic: heather/jake, fic: jericho

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