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Stolen from Ang (xtremeroswellia)

It looks like fun!

How many songs total: 3,057
How many hours or days of music: iTunes says 8.2 days
Most recently played: It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
Most played: Prelude 12/21 by AFI
Most recently added: Say It Again by Marié Digby

Sort by Song Title
First Song: Journey to the Part by Aaliyah (from the Anastasia Soundtrack)
Last Song: She's Out of My Life by 98 Degrees

Sort by Time
Shortest Song: High On Life (0:11) by Clint Mansell (from the Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack)
Longest Song: Titanic Suite (19:05) by James Horner (from the Titanic Soundtrack)

Sort by Album
First album represented: Across the Sky by Across the Sky
First full album: Afterglow by Sarah McLachlan
Last album: Who We Are by Lifehouse

First song that comes up on Shuffle:  Take My Breath Away by Berlin (from the Top Gun soundtrack)

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 2
Life - 142
Love - 237
Hate - 12
You - 444
Sex - 5
Cupid - 0
Tags: music

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