April 5th, 2010


You are a very, very bad LJ user if you...

... don't credit the icons you snurch.

Seriously, people, this is becoming one of my biggest pet peeves. Not so much people stealing my shit without crediting ('cause that's wrong, too, and I will cut a bitch - got it?), but I hate, hate, HATE when I see an icon I love, go into the posters icon page and they haven't given any credit to the creator. It's happened to me four times today. I found someone using an awesome icon and I wanted to see who the maker was so I could look at the rest of their work, but no credit was given.

Those who have even attempted making an icon or banner or header or wallpaper know what a tedious labor of love it is to get just that perfect cropping, color combo, etc. Icon snurching/grabbing/snagging/borrowing is not cool if you don't credit the maker.

Are we clear?

Thank you.

*gets off soapbox*