April 14th, 2009



The E! S.O.S. (Save One Show) Campaign is back. Usually I have a vested interest in several shows on the list, but this year it's just one:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Love that show. ADORE that show. And the season 2 finale was spectacular. Unfortunately, it's in the Mostly Dead category and people are saying the plug's already been pulled. I refuse to admit defeat - remember Jericho? Yeah, people said that one was dead, too. While I'm not asking people to ship their weight in nuts to FOX studios, I'd love it if y'all would vote for my show. If there isn't one on there you're already voting for. I'd never ask people to betray their fandoms.

Course I'm also not above begging, so PLEASE?!


Vote, Vote, Vote!