March 1st, 2009


Sunday Nothingness/Happy March

Why is it the first day of March and we're expected to get a nice, 6 inch 12 inch snow storm tonight? *sigh* Really? Can't winter be OVER?!

I realize I need to change my icons. I've grown simply tired of looking at them. I need more variety. Maybe when I get my income tax money back I'll invest in a paid LJ acount and get more userpics. Hey, can one of my more compentent LJ users tell me how to credit someone else's icons on my icon page? I can never figure out how to do that...  Thanks pdxscaper  (You rock, Lynda!)

Also? I want a new moodtheme. Not that I don't adore my Brooke & Haley one, but I want a change. Definitely something animated, though. Any recs?

I've become reobsessed with Angel, the TV show. Namely Cordy/Angel. They had such potential as a pairing (sorry, all you Buffy/Angel fanatics, but I don't swing that way), and they were cut too short.
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