October 12th, 2008


A lot of nothing

Just a random update because, well, I'm bored.

I actually have a BIG icon update planned, but my computer has this nasty habit of crashing on my lately, and since it takes me close to an hour to get all the icons up on a good day, I refuse to even attempt it. I figure I'll just use the school's computer tomorrow. Much easier.

Despite all of my refusal to watch, fallinangelz21 has finally gotten me to watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy. And I'm hopelessly hooked. I spent most of Saturday watching the six episodes that have aired these last 6 weeks to catch up. If you aren't watching, I highly recommend it. That show's like crack.

I've heard the first two songs released from the Twilight soundtrack (the first big single is by Paramore, and the second is the theme at the prom scene by Iron & Wine). Both songs are excellent and fitting. I'm really getting amped up for this movie.

I also need to change my moodtheme... While I love Disney, I'm a mite tired of it.

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