September 3rd, 2008


Traffick // Prologue

Ttitle: Traffick
Author: isisizabel 
Fandom: General Hospital
Pairing(s): Liason, Sonny/Carly (friendship), Max/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Summary:What you need to know:

1. Elizabeth and Lucky never got married. They’re still dating and are living together. This takes place before their first marriage, so no baby Jake.

2. Carly never had a mental breakdown. She’s still sane. Well, OK…Sane as far as Carly goes.

2(b). Speaking of Carly, she’s played by Tamara Braun in my mind.

3. Jason and Sam are still together…for now.

4. Reese is still in the picture, but don’t expect her to stick around for long.

WARNING: This story will get EXTREMELY graphic at some points. By graphic I mean:

1. Obscene/Foul language

2. Sexual encounters (both consensual and non-consensual)

3. Adult situations, including abuse.

In other words, this fic is rated with a strong NC-17. It deals with the issue of human trafficking, specifically the sex trade market. I’m trying to make this story as accurate as possible, so (again) it will more than likely get fairly graphic at certain points.

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