July 4th, 2008


4th of July!

A great big Happy 4th of July to all my friends out there, and anyone reading this! 

I've been planning to make an icon update, but all plans for that got derailed when fallinangelz21 introduced me to the wonderful world of Farscape. I've been watching season 1 like a crazy woman in all of my free time, completely in awe of the magic that is John Crichton. And I don't think I've been this into a pairing (John/Aeryn) since ... I honestly can't remember the last time ... When I haven't been watching Farscape, I've been saving Farscape pictures to make into pretties.

I don't know if I'll update again, but I'm going to the beach next week! So, if I'm not around, you know why. Not that I've been the most reliable of posters in the first place, though.

Today marks the first of 10 consecutive non-work days, and I'm depressed. I think I anticipate something so much, that I can't enjoy it when it arrives because now I know it'll all be over in a matter or days and I'm back to the routine drudgery of life. 
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