May 31st, 2008



I am now officially obsessed with Firefly. And Serenity, the movie the came after the show. Oh, and Nathan Fillion. The man is freakin' gorgeous. 

I loves it all, I does. BIG thanks to fallinangelz21 for introducing me to the wonderfulness that is Firefly and Nathan Fillion. Love ya, M!

Those of you who haven't seen it... Well, you simply must. As someone who typically shies away from the SciFi genre, I was exceedingly amazed and surprised by how much I fell in love with the show. And you can get it for around $20 at your neighborhood Target ( has it really cheap, too). 

FOX is probably one of the worst networks there is in terms of cancelling shows. They love to ruin my fun.

Luckily it seems there may be a second movie in the works for Firefly fans!
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