May 16th, 2008


Randomness Abounds

I'm just sitting here, trying like hell to pretend to be somewhat productive... It ain't working. I did manage to make another ten icons, but I refuse to post until I have enough done to warrant an icon post.

And I have two fics I should be working on (my Chlean fic and my Gossip Girl ficlet), but I can't bring myself to.

I had a great day. My best friend and I grabbed lunch (she brought along her too-adorable-for-words 17-month-old) and then shopped. And now... I'm just blah.

In a good mood, but blah.

I'd watch a movie, but I'm too lazy to decide which one.

I hate that I have to work on Saturday, but I'm off Sunday and only work a half day on Monday. And OOOOH!!! I'm going to see Prince Caspian on Monday with my parents and my sister (we all decided to take a halfday at our respective jobs and hang out together),