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Who doesn't love free, right?

OK, little known fact? I've recently started selling Mary Kay. And while this is not me hitting y'all up to try Mary Kay (seriously, I only joined for the discount I now get on product. That's IT.), I do have an offer for you!

Long story short: 3 weeks ago I went to my aunt's (who sells Mary Kay), bought some more makeup stuff, told her director I might consider selling Mary Kay because I want the discount. The director called me and asked me to listen (JUST LISTEN) to a phone call. If I listened to the call and got the magic code word at the end, I got a free turquoise and silver bracelet. I said, "Sure. I love free." I listened to a woman named Rhonda talk up Mary Kay for 20 minutes while I painted my nails and at the end emailed her. Two weeks later I got my free bracelet. End of story. No hassels, no annoying "follow-up" calls, nada.

My director (as I have now decided that I do indeed want to sell MK) tonight told me about a similar offer. They are offering this bracelet:

to anyone who will listen to Rhonda talk about MK for 20 minutes. At the end you get a code, you email her your address you get a free bracelet. End of story. Seriously. THAT"S IT. She's doing 2 talks - tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday nights, both calls are at 8:30 PM eastern time, but you don't have to live on the east coast to call in for your free bracelet. You can live in Hawaii and still call. (I do think you have to live in the US, though.)

I figured I'd offer it to you guys because it's a freaking gorgeous bracelet (I've seen it), and it's 100% free. No commitment to buy anything or sell anything. Nor will I ask y'all to buy stuff from me. I just thought I'd offer my flisters a chance at free stuff.

If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you the details.

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